Tours in the Florida Bay, starting at Key Largo

A completely different perspective of a familiar landscape…A tour full of opportunity to see and experience much of what others can only talk about – along with the promise of an exciting yet relaxing day on the water with friends and family in tow. 


Utilizing several shallow-water routes along Key Largo, you’ll be able to see the Bay from a perspective not many have before, getting up close with forested mangroves, exotic birds, the occasional dolphin, and other mysterious marine life species including manatees and alligators.


Because really, a hover tour is not just another boat ride…


From 15 minute excursions to appease curiosities, to 2-hour tours involving beach picnics, water volleyball, snorkeling, pinball, and even badminton, we offer a variety of unique and exhilarating experiences to get your heart pumping just as quickly as we can bring you down to a state of bliss and contentment.  We also offer special charters for groups and parties – all hosted in the shallows of the beautiful Florida Keys (please contact us for rates and availability).

Tour Curiosity Ride

Price for 20-30 min curiosity ride is $99.
We will tour in the area of Black Sound towards Gilberts Resort and back to base,
distance is approx. 10nm radius from starting point, running on East side of the intercostal PSSA channel.

NOTE: We operate only on the weekends and with reservations.
Tours are subject to weather condition and minimum occupancy
We reserve the right to cancel tours by technical issues and weather conditions at any time!

Call for reservations:  (305) 904-3833